Women and Government working in unison to eliminate violence against women


Project Locations: Jalalabad

Duration of project: 2012-2015

Donor of the project: EC via Womankind Worldwide

Project status: finished

In third world countries including Afghanistan, women have very little involvement in policy-making and decision-making. The laws that were made to prevent violence against women were made without a thorough research on the situation of women in Afghanistan and the customs that prevail in different areas. That is why even though the EVAW law was enacted in 2009, it is still not fully in force in all parts of Afghanistan.

Through this project we try to influence the local authorities to start using this law in full. For this purpose we have created groups of women who are human rights defenders in four districts of Nangarhar. Each group consists of twenty educated and active women who have the duty to monitor cases of violence in an area. Special workshops are held for them on quarterly bases to enhance their awareness on the rights of women and children. Other sessions are also held regularly to update their information. These groups have been very effective and have been able to resolve a lot of cases in their areas. As they do not have the license to follow the cases in courts, they refer them to the local authorities and civil society bodies to follow them in the court of law. The first thing they do is register the case with the local police so they can arrest the accused.

At the end of the project HAWCA was able to achieve the followings:

1-      Organizing 14 workshops were organized to 80 WHRD

2-      Organizing 202 Review and refreshing programs to the 80 EHRDS

3-      Organizing 135 Trainings to 3927 school girls

4-      Organizing 233  trainings to 6986 local women and men