Legal Aid Center

Project Name: Legal Aid Center

 Project Type: free legal aid services  

 Project Location: Mazar, Afghanistan

 Project Duration: 2 years

 Donor: CISDA

 The numbers of violence against women is increasing day by day throughout Afghanistan and there are many women who do not get justice and live in a harsh and cruel environment. The Legal Aid center is located in one of the most populated area of Mazar city where our two defense lawyers are busy taking the violence cases and solving them. The priority is given to mediation and if the cases are not solved in this way then they are followed through the court of law. The details of the cases are kept confidential and only shared with other welfare organization when the consent of the victims is taken.

 In this project beside providing free legal aid services we also provide trainings to the newly graduated law students so that they get more awareness on the newly laws concerning violence against women and get more interested in solving violence cases. In this way we can increase the numbers of women human right defenders.

 Most of the victims of violence also face psychological problems. Some of them do not want to live anymore and tries to kill themselves, some of them are not ready to attend the court for the proceeding and some of them are not ready to go back and reintegrate with their families. It’s the duty of our psychologist to starts its work and make them ready to face the facts of life and fight for their rights. The Psychologist besides providing psychological therapy also provides family awareness sessions and trainings to the locals.

 Many people living in the surrounding villages of Mazar are illiterate. HAWCA has established literacy courses for women where they can come and learn how to read and write. Also on weekly bases legal awareness sessions are taken for them to increase their awareness on their rights.

 HAWCA has also established CDC committees to combat GBV. The members of the CDCs are from the CDC committees in the area. They are the most educated people and traiings are held for them so that they could work with local people and try to eliminate violence against women from the society.