Precious Lives


Project Name: Precious Lives

Project Type: Legal Aid services and Counseling  

Project Location: Kabul and Herat, Afghanistan

Project Duration: 3 years

Donor: COSPE

Project precious lives funded by COSPE have started from August 2014 and will continue till August 2017. Through this project we want to empower women and try to eliminate violence against women from the society. HAWCA is having many projects throughout Afghanistan which are concerned with GBV and empowering women and children.

To achieve the goal of the project two Legal Aid centers have been established. Each center has one lawyer to carry out the cases and one psychologist to provide psychological therapy to the victims whenever it is needed.

OPAWC is our partner in implementing of this project and they are providing literacy courses, vocational trainings, computer and English courses to the women of Afshar community in Kabul.

 The activities covered under this project are as follows:

-          Providing free legal and psychological assistance to women victims of violence through our Legal Aid Centers in Kabul and Herat.

-          Establishment of CDC committees in different districts of Kabul and Herat and providing professional training sessions for them so that they take active part in reducing violence against women.

-          Providing professional legal trainings to the law students and increasing their level of awareness on EVAW law and creating of women human right defenders.

-          Training of school students and their teachers to combat violence against women.

-          Education and community awareness on EVAW law, women rights, child rights etc

-          Providing literacy courses to the illiterate women through OPAWC

-          Providing free English and Computer classes to women

-          Creating government and civil society plate forms to combat GBV