My Rights My Voice


Project Name: My Rights My Voice
Project Type: Protection and Counseling
Project Location: Daykundi - Afghanistan
Duration of Project: Since January 2012
Donor and Partner of Project: Oxfam GB
Status of Project: Ongoing

"My Rights My Voice” is a 31 months project that will be implemented in Kabul, Balkh, Badakhshan and Daykundi. HAWCA with the support of Oxfam GB (OGB) isl implementing the project in Daykundi and joins OGB and other direct implementing partners (Oxfam NoVIB, Aschiana and ACSFo) in common activities at national and international level.

The focus of the project is for youth to actively participate in improving education and health outcomes for youth and children, by enhancing awareness and recognition of youth and child rights, particularly as regards education and health, and increasing mainstreaming and prioritization of, as well as funding for, improved youth and child education and health services. The project aims to increase youth leadership through collective and coordinative youth focus groups at national, provincial, district and community level to influence national and sub-national policies to ensure these reflect child and youth issues.