UNSCR 1325/1820 Implementation in Afghanistan

Project Name: UNSCR 1325/1820 Implementation in Afghanistan  
Project Type: Protection and Counseling
Project Location: Kabul, Bamyan, Herat and Maidan Wardak
Duration of Project: October 2010 to September 2012
Donor of Project: ICCO & Kerk In Actie

Afghanistan comes in the top list of countries in conflict but nothing has been done when it comes to the implementation of the UNSCR 1325/1820 in more systematic way. Although the efforts of Afghan women groups and organizations are largely contributing to the implementation of UNCSR 1325/1820, but there has not been a systematic effort to ensure the full implementation through a comprehensive action plan.

On the occasion of 10th anniversary of UNSCR 1325/1820, ICCO along with its two national partners: AWEC and HAWCA, decided to work for the implementation of this resolution in the country and make an action plan. HAWCA and AWEC that have expertise on this resolution and have many years of experience in aid for women have taken the lead to this process, while it will engage the rest of ICCO Afghanistan Program Coalition to ensure that this action plan is comprehensive at national level for Afghanistan and more specifically at local level to areas where are the geographical focus of ICCO and its partners.

This program will include the capacity building of Afghan coalition partners, AWN and concerned governmental department at province level (Bamyan, Herat and Wardak); establishment of a Steering Committee and a Working Group  to prepare the national action plan for implementation of UNSCR 1325/1820. While this program will have developing a national and international level advocacy strategy for a core group on the progress Afghan women make in this field, it will also have specific inputes at the three provinces to start with which can later expand further by ICCO partners and beyond.