Protection and Counseling: Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence - Kabul

Project Name: Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence – Kabul
Project Type: Protection and Counseling
Project Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Duration of Project: Since December 2009
Donor and Partner of Project: Oxfam-Novib, British Embassy Kabul, NZAID and Fayaz Foundation
Status of Project: Ongoing

After the successful opening of "Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence" in Herat City, HAWCA is opened another "Legal Aid Center for Female Victims of Violence" in Kabul City in December 2009. This project has been funded by Oxfam Novib, British Embassy in Kabul and NZAID with the help of an Afghan organization, Fayaz Foundation, based in Netherlands, active in lobbying and advocacy for human rights. This center works for the victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and harmful practices.

The opening ceremony of the center was on 8th Dec. 2009, where Mr. Ambassador himself along with Mr. Brett Bulling from British Embassy had participated in this event and was joined by member of other organizations like CSHRN, LAOA, AWN, Medica Mondiale, AIHRC, Family Court, ASDHA and other individuals. At first Selay Ghaffar, Executive of HAWCA, welcomed all of the guests and explained about the project and added that we are also planning to open more legal aid centers in other provinces of Afghanistan and these projects will be at least for next five years. Then Mr. Ambassador spoke about role of Government of Britain in EVAW in Afghanistan and expressed the full support of British Embassy in implementation of HAWCA’s legal aid centers. Representatives of CSHRN, LAOA and Medica Mondiale also spoke during this event. 

In this center, two lawyers with the help of under-graduate law students/practicing lawyers provide legal advice and assistance for women and girls who are victims of domestic and sexual violence. This legal center also provides legal trainings to the recently graduated law students and other women and girls. The content of the trainings for the law students is more focused on how to deal with their clients to gain their trust and help them out. Other professional trainings is also provided to them. We also have trainings for other women and girls. These trainings include the women rights in Afghanistan Constitution; International Law and etc. The trainers of these trainings are law professionals and professors from Law Faculty of Kabul University. Besides this the legal aid center tries to establish a close coordination and relation with organizations that provide legal aid and advice to females.

All beneficiaries of the project are women and girls who are facing violence and are in need of legal assistant. HAWCA provides help to the victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and harmful practices. The lawyer with help of practicing lawyer are providing legal assistant and legal advices for all beneficiaries regardless of religion, language, ethnicity, culture and others.

HAWCA tries to establish connection with some public and private hospitals for the treatment of some beneficiaries who are in bad condition. Some beneficiaries also get benefit from small funding through this project for their treatment if their financial ability for treatment was very low or belong to very poor families.  A psychologist provides psychosocial support to the individual beneficiaries of the project. As a clear fact and the experience we have almost all victims of violence suffering from psychological diseases, depression and stress. HAWCA tries to raise awareness of the staff first and then the beneficiaries on human women's rights and legal awareness. All laws, convention, declarations and other materials on human women’s right will be providing for them.

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