Afghanistan Human Rights Action and Mobilization (AHRAM)


The project Afghanistan Human Rights Action and Mobilization (AHRAM) started in March of 2015 and will continue up to September 2017. This project is implemented in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan trying to identify the right human right defenders, mobilize them and providing protection to them if needed. The project contributes to the process of reducing Human right violation cases through public awareness, capacity building of Human right activists and government personnel, identifying, reporting and follow-ups of Human right violation cases and finally creating a culture that respects Human rights. The project has created a network between the Human right defenders in the provinces as well as with other Human right defenders around the globe, identifying the proper and usable way of preventing and combating human right violations.

 The project has many objectives but the major objectives are:

 1-      Developing the capacities of afghan human rights defenders.

 2-      Creating committees of Human right defenders to monitor, report and follow Human right violation cases

 3-      Improving coordination and co-operations between the Afghan human rights organizations.

 4-       Public awareness through human rights defenders

 5-       Public awareness through local radio programs

 6-      Establishment of a Platform to support the National and international Campaigns on identifying human right violation, disseminate information on Human right and Human rights defenders in Afghanistan etc

 7-      Increasing public discourse and dialogue on human rights and political debate

 8-      Creation of safe spaces for human rights defenders in each province.

 9-      Linking resource centers to international structure through IT.

 10-   Strengthening of coordination with independent media

 11-   Networking between afghan and European rights defenders organization

 12-   Creation of protocols and referral mechanism for defenders under threat.

 The target of this project is to identify at least 120 human rights defenders that operate in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, providing public awareness to 5000 community members, work with 200 Journalist to promote Human rights in Afghanistan.

 For more information please visit AHRAM project page.