Legal Aid centers for Women Victims of Violence Mazar

Project Locations: Mazar

Duration of project: 2014- 2015 (extended up to 2017)


Project status: Ongoing


Despite military and economic commitment of the international community, Afghanistan is a non-pacified country, it is still insecure and as shown by UN resolution 1325, women are the first and most serious victims of conflicts and resulting instability. In this context, to support democratic development in the country it is fundamental to introduce concrete actions to promote gender equality and, at the same time, culture of legality and rule of law.

HAWCA being one of the most active human rights defender, and particularly women’s rights defenders has been working in the legal field for many years. The legal aid center in Mazar is one of our centers that help women victims of violence. The center has provided the following services in 2015:

-         A number of 120 Women victims of violence has received legal and medical services

-         A number of 65 Women has received legal advices

-         A number of 100 women have received literacy course service

-         A number of 6 graduates of law faculty has received legal internship

-         A number of 2 CDC committees were established to defend the rights of women.

-         Legal public awareness to 200 people

-         Legal training to police officer

-         Training to 124 law student