Women Protection center

Women Protection Center

Project Location: Kabul

Duration of the project:  Jan 2014- Dec 2015

Donor of the Project: UN Women

Project status: Ongoing

The decades of conflict and culture of impunity in the country has left the women and girls as the very first victims of different forms of violence ranging from domestic to sexual violence and other bad practices. The fragile legal system without any protection mechanism in most parts of the country further victimizes the victims. Therefore, a safe place with different necessities of life is needed to urgently accommodate the victims and with most of the cases save their lives. Furthermore, to defend their rights and reintegrate them back to society, legal and psycho-social services, health care, vocational trainings, education and a peaceful environment is needed. Since 2004, the Safe House for Women at Risk is being implemented by HAWCA in Kabul. Being the capital of the country where most of the cases of violence against women and girls are referred to Kabul from the provinces, we see the crucial need to still continue with the implementation of the safe house in Kabul.

The women protection center provides all the necessities of life including health, educational and sport facilities. Empowering women legally and economically is another objective of the project. Due to the successful implementation of this project in 2015, HAWCA provided protection services to 199 women and 71children. Out of these cases, 105 were resolved through court and mediation. The remaining cases are followed in 2016.